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Let Me Introduce Rocket City Real Estate Source

Posted by huntsvillerealestateinfo on May 19, 2007

I love to go out about town and meet people. The real estate profession really provides a level of freedom that allows me to really get out and do many different things. While I am out and about in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and the surrounding areas, when I run into different people throughout the course of conversation there is one question that ALWAYS arises:


No matter how the conversation starts, usually by the time it ends we touch on real estate in some way or another. With so much information about the real estate market in the news lately there were many people who were concerned about which way the real estate market in Huntsville was heading.

So I started sending out emails and different information to my clients letting them know about market conditions here in North Alabama. Some wanted to buy real estate, some wanted to sell real estate, and some just wanted to stay current on real estate market conditions just in case they wanted to buy or sale in the future. But I had an idea, if I could get one place on line where I could place real estate information about Huntsville and Madison, more people could see it and benefit from it. I did some research on forum and message boards, and I found that the best platform for getting out information was to start a blog.

I am so excited about Rocket City Real Estate Source. I have so many ideas that I barely know where to begin. I can inform people about the current mortgage rates, average days on the market, average selling price, and issues in real estate. This will give me another way in which to help my clients and the public at large. I am always open to suggestions for improvement and things of interest for Rocket City Real Estate Source. My wish is that it is useful, informative, timely, and above all helpful to those that want to stay up to date regarding information about buying or selling real estate in Huntsville and the surrounding areas.


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